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Regular price $39.97
Regular price $39.97 Sale price $79.94
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  • My breasts went from a B cup to a D cup

    I have completed two months of the treatment and I’m very happy with the results.My breasts feel fuller and have a rounder shape whereas before they were flatter. I can see a significant increase in my bust size as my bras no longer fit! At first I was skeptical about Luhaka™, I wasn't sure if it would really work. And I had used other products in the past with extraordinarily high side effects, but it did work and had no side effects on me, it just made my breasts bigger and I'm very happy with the end result!
    Isabella-R. UK.

  • They made my breasts fuller and firmer

    I have been using Luhaka™ for two months now and I love it. I use two tubes 3 times a day and drink plenty of water. They make my breasts fuller and firmer.
    After having children, my breasts have sagged even more. I have tried many products in the past but no avail, and this has made my figure very bad. I am going to buy two more treatments and I am looking forward to using it for another two months to see what happens. Highly recommend Luhaka™.Highly recommend Luhaka™.
    Emma-F. AUS.

  • Alternative to breast augmentation surgery

    I am 53 years old now and before I started using Luhaka™, my breasts did not have any vitality and I had a lot of wrinkles on my breasts due to collagen loss with age.
    After about the second week of use, I felt a slight change in my breasts. I then bought two more treatments and by the second month, the wrinkles had almost completely disappeared (back to the way they were before I was 30 years old), my breasts were fuller and they gave me back the confidence that I needed. I felt like my perfect self again.
    Amelia T. Italy.

    • Female Hormone Deficiency

      With age, a woman's breasts lose fat, tissue, and mammary glands due to the decrease in the body's production of estrogen that occurs at menopause. Without estrogen, the gland tissue shrinks, making the breasts smaller and less full.

    • Genetics

      Family history plays a crucial role in determining breast size. Genetics set the baseline; if your family has small breasts, you're likely to inherit the trait. Conversely, if your family has a history of larger breasts, you may inherit genes predisposing you to a fuller bust.

    • Weight Change

      Breasts are composed of connective tissue and fat, with proportions varying between individuals. Weight fluctuations significantly impact breast size, particularly for those with higher fat content, highlighting the importance of body fat in determining breast appearance.

      Estrogen Plummet - Up to 65% Decline Between Ages 30-60!

      As time progresses, estrogen receptor (ER) proteins decline, notably affecting breast development from ages 30 to 60. This decline arises from inadequate breast enzymes vital for fat synthesis and ER protein production.¹ Consequently, mammary cell differentiation and fat deposition are hindered, resulting in diminished breast size. Furthermore, aging and breastfeeding stress Cooper's ligaments, leading to their breaking and subsequent sagging.²

      Why LUHAKA™ can boost your body confidence?


      Dong Quai, Fenugreek and Red Clover in LUHAKA™ stimulate cells to synthesize proteins crucial for breast development, including estrogen receptor proteins.³ Growth hormone from the pituitary gland nourishes these proteins, promoting mammary cell differentiation and growth, directly enlarging lobule size.⁴ Additionally, it encourages active absorption of free fatty acids and glycerol by fat cells, promoting triglyceride synthesis and lipid droplet formation, thus increasing fat.


      The motherwort ingredient in LUHAKA™ facilitates the synthesis of enzymes crucial for breast health, stimulating estrogen and luteinizing hormone production in the ovaries.⁵ With the synergistic action of these hormones, it activates gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), fostering regeneration of Cooper's ligaments to address breast sagging.⁶

      Clinically Proven


      Participants felt confident as they experienced breasts that were proportional to the rest of their body.


      Participants who used the product for two weeks showed significant improvement in breast firmness.


      After using the product, participants can quickly increase the size of their breasts without any side effects.

      *Based on Clinical Trial Test by FemaHealth lnstitute Center with 200+ female volunteer
      participants aged 30-60 years old

      Powerful, Fast-Acting, Natural Ingredients

      What’s inside counts

      • Dong Quai (angelica sinensis)

        It contains estrogenic substances that help regulate estrogen levels and the biological mechanisms involved in hormone utilization. These compounds enhance estrogen effects when levels are low and act as competitors to maintain hormonal balance when levels are high. Moreover, this herb stimulates estrogen production directly, making it particularly effective for breast enlargement. Dong Quai offers a natural solution for enhancing breast size.

      • Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

        Fenugreek, a herbal plant native to India and the Mediterranean, is renowned for managing menopausal symptoms and aiding digestion. Its primary modern use is enhancing breast milk production by stimulating the mammary gland and promoting tissue growth through phytoestrogen activity. Additionally, fenugreek provides benefits like improved skin health, blood sugar reduction, and enhanced lactation during breastfeeding. Its versatility emphasizes its importance in overall health promotion.

      • Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

        Red Clover's isoflavones not only boost estrogen levels, aiding women's health issues, but also play a vital role in breast enlargement by transforming into phytoestrogens. Its primary phytoestrogen, genistein, binds to estrogen receptors, regulating breast growth. In Luhaka Breast Enlargement Drops, Red Clover facilitates natural enlargement, leveraging the body's mechanisms. FDA-approved and safe, it ensures a noticeable bust size increase, supporting your journey to breast enhancement and wellness.

      • Flaxseed

        Since Flaxseed has been around for so long, of course there are some benefits associated with it. Like, Dong Quai,the seeds contain a plant estrogen known as phytoestrogen, or “dietary estrogen”. This means it’s estrogen that’s not produced in the body, but you can still safely consume it with no problem. The similarities between estrogen and phytoestrogen mean you reap the same benefits, including increasing breast tissue growth. This is how you grow larger breasts!

      • Vitamin C

        Vitamin C is crucial for health as it enhances the effectiveness of the immune system, although its importance is sometimes underestimated due to its widespread daily consumption. Luhaka™ synthesizes essential enzymes for breast health, stimulating estrogen and luteinizing hormone production in the ovaries. This process, supported by other hormones like estrogen, activates gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), promoting Cooper's ligament regeneration and effectively addressing sagging breasts.

      • Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca)

        Motherwort, renowned for enhancing milk flow and relieving breast tenderness, promotes breast enlargement independently of pregnancy. Its calming effect, akin to LUHAKA™, stimulates breast growth. Moreover, it guides cells to synthesize proteins essential for breast development, facilitating estrogen and luteinizing hormone production. Alongside other hormones, this activation includes gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), fostering regeneration of Cooper's ligaments and addressing breast sagging.

        How To Apply?


        LUHAKA™ REVITABRBAST Treatment Drops


        $39.99 2 Bottles (EACH 30ML)

        14 Days Supply


        $49.99 4 Bottles (EACH 30ML)

        30 Days Supply


        $59.99 6 Bottles (EACH 30ML)

        60 Days Supply



        How to use Luhaka™?

        The recommendation is to take 2ml three times a day, and remember to drink plenty of water. Our suggestion is to buy 6 bottles, which is enough for about two months, and is the choice of most customers. If you just want to try it, you can buy 2 bottles. If you can see the effect, you can buy more.


        Are there any side effects from using Luhaka™?

        Today, there are numerous breast enlargement products available on the market, many of which rely on artificially synthesized hormones with limited efficacy. Prolonged use of these products can lead to endocrine disorders and may even increase the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Luhaka™ stands out as a breast enlargement product formulated with natural ingredients, offering long-term effectiveness without any side effects.


        How long does it take to see results using Luhaka™?

        Results vary from person to person. Most individuals may begin to notice noticeable changes within two weeks, while achieving the desired results may take up to two months. Continued use as directed is generally recommended for optimal results.


        Who can benefit from using Luhaka™?

        Luhaka™ is primarily targeted towards women seeking to enhance breast size, improve breast shape, and address breast sagging. The product is typically aimed at women aged between 30 and 60 years old.

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          • ★★★★★

            I am 40 years old and due to genetics my breasts have always been an A cup which has left my self confidence in tatters.After a year of trying different supplements and pills, but my breast size was having no effect.I came across Luhaka™ online and after reading all the positive reviews and photos of women's success journeys, I had to have them! I immediately ordered a 2 month dose!During the second month of use, I could clearly feel my breasts getting firmer and fuller, but I wasn't drinking as much water as I should have been, so I increased my water intake, but it was still only a little over a liter a day.

            Jessica M. Miami

          • ★★★★★

            I'm amazed at how beautiful my breasts have become in such a short time. I have been using this product for two treatments now and received it in January.Also, I will be drinking protein shakes all the time and I am looking more and more like my old self every day, woo hoo! I'm not sure about the whole cup size yet because it's been less than two months, but I can see amazing changes! I will continue to use it and I'm really looking forward to the results in three months! I highly recommend.

            Chloe W. San Francisco

          • ★★★★★

            I've always been skinny and an A cup. Now after a month of consistent use, I'm starting to shop for C cups! I love it. I can actually fill up my bras, my shirts fit better, my body feels more proportioned, and I feel more confident in the nude and in underwear. I can't believe this stuff actually worked for me, but it did. If you're like me and you've ever had a taste of fuller breasts from taking PMS herbal supplements or birth control pills and loved the feeling, but can't continue to take the supplements or pills for other reasons, then this stuff is worth a try to get your breasts back to fullness.

            Isabella C. Seattle

          • ★★★★★

            When I was young, I had a 36C bust, but when I became a mother of 5 breastfed children, my bust increased to 40DD.When I weaned my last child I noticed that my bust had shrunk significantly. I also lost 5 stone in weight and my bust dropped to 32A.I covered up and didn't want to wear a bikini in the summer.Someone introduced me to Luhaka™ and I couldn't wait to try it. I was convinced it was a good way to go because I didn't want to have expensive plastic surgery or scarring that might need to be replaced over time.I started using Luhaka™ three times a day and it soon became part of my daily routine. After a month I did notice a difference, my breasts became firmer and fuller, and then two months later they quickly got bigger, and now my breasts are back to 34C and I have my confidence back.

            Sarah G. Houston

          • ★★★★★

            I'm happy to say that Luhaka™ really works! First, I want to tell you it has no side effects. And the results are really noticeable, I've only used one treatment so far.It not only makes the wrinkles on my breasts disappear, but also achieves breast enhancement. There is no swelling or pain in my breasts after using it. I even stopped using other products and techniques I was already using so that I could form an accurate and honest opinion based solely on using Luhaka™. The benefits I felt were overwhelming! My breasts are fuller, perkier, more shapely, softer, but less "flabby"! The breasts have really gotten bigger and sexier! This is what I've been dreaming of! I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with this product and what it has done for my growth! I am literally crying tears of joy.

            Emily J. Boston

          • ★★★★★

            O-M-G ...... WOW!!! I'm super skeptical about this. I mean, really, getting bigger boobs with no side effects? But let's face it ...... Before plastic surgery, I was willing to try anything - smh.Let me give you a little background on me. I used to be a 34C cup. I competed in fitness competitions, and last May, I lost a family member tragically. Needless to say, I've lost a lot of weight, but it wasn't healthy. My 110 lb. fit body was down to 88 lbs. and my boobs were small and saggy. In February, I discovered Luhaka™ while shopping here. I read the reviews, considered it, then kept coming back and finally bought it. So far, after only one treatment, I've recovered to a more satisfactory state than before. I would like to buy two more treatments and am looking forward to seeing the results!

            Madison T. Las Vegas